Monday, May 2, 2016

Author Interview at Chaotic Array

So I did my third ever author interview today with the awesome @JinxMyRide! I talked about my research, inspiration, my earliest attempts at writing, AND my next book, among other things.

Check it out at Chaotic Array!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PSYCHOPOMP is live! + book soundtrack

I actually published Psychopomp on the 6th, but I haven't been motivated to even try to promote it until now, except for a brief tweet. And mostly this is me procrastinating on picking up another book, since the last one I finished was so dull. And I'm starting a buddyread tomorrow. So.

Anyway, you can buy it on Amazon. It's available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Be sure to add it on Goodreads! You can also request a review copy from me at any time. :)

As always, here is the book soundtrack. The theme for this one is "a little weird and possibly futuristic."

"How To Be Invisible" - Kate Bush
"Some Velvet Morning" - Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra
"Nocturnal Me" - Echo & the Bunnymen
"All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" - Bauhaus
"Sahara Dream" - The Bewitched Hands
"Love Song" - 311
"Keep the Streets Empty For Me" - Fever Ray
"Do Your Best" - John Maus
"You Can Take Care of Yourself" - Erasers
"22: The Death of All Romance" - The Dears
"Wires to Flying Birds" - The Veils
"Dance Me To the End of Love" - Leonard Cohen
"Lancer" - Cities
"The Needle" - To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie
"Magnetic North" - Fin Fang Foom
"Slight Night Shiver" - M83
"Bathysphere" - Smog
"They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhh!" - Sufjan Stevens
"Intro" - The xx

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Homework! AGUH!

I was lucky enough to have some trusted friends beta for my current WIP, Psychopomp. It's mostly finished, but I'm working on incorporating the feedback before I do a final round (or two) of editing. So basically I'm doing homework.

Which brings me to this poem I wrote I don't know when. I'd have forgotten all about it if my dad hadn't compiled a binder of my old drawings, stories, awards, report cards, etc. I came across it the other day while using the binder's contents to distract my kids for a bit. As you may have guessed, the poem is called "Homework! AGUH!"

Homework! AGUH!
I hate it! It stinks!
I can't wash it down the sinks.
I can't explode it to bits.
I wish my dog would chew it up.
It's giving me fits!
Mom, Please, can I finish it later?
No! You can't! Now hop to it!
Bla, Bla, Bla!
Finish it now!
But I don't now how!
Homework! AGUH!

Here's a picture (albeit one of crap quality) so you can see the glorious accompanying drawings.

Despite my dubious spelling of "ugh" or "aaagghhhh" or whatever the hell I was trying to spell, and the fact that I don't even think I had a dog at the time of writing, obviously I could have had an illustrious career as a poet. Besides this, I've also penned the phenomenal "The Hot Superstar Who Sang Slow Songs" and a limerick about a girl who falls off a horse. I'm telling you, I'm a literary genius.

Anyway, now I'll stop distracting myself with any old excuse for a blog post and get back to my homework. Which I don't hate! I've come so far.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

This is what comes after vampires...

I've written three vampire books, but it's time to put a hold on them. For now. Because obviously I would never abandon my beloved creatures of the night.

My latest book turned out to be a novella, despite my efforts to make it a full-length novel. It's different from anything I've written so far, and I don't really know who would enjoy it except weirdos like me. Because I write what I want and simply hope people will like what I put out there. The romance is minimal and the bleakness is fierce in this one.

I'm hoping to work on the cover this weekend and maybe get a beta reader or two. In the meantime, here is the super epic synopsis (which I just whipped up like fifteen minutes ago) for Psychopomp: A Novella:


Sixteen-year-old Marlo has suffered an abusive home life for years. She longs to leave, but in a world ravaged by drought and pollution, she has nowhere to go.


Then she meets an enigmatic man who will lead her on a journey far beyond her wildest dreams. The world is merciless, but Marlo is determined to find happiness in whatever way she can. Nothing will stop her from realizing her desires… not even death.

One who bleeds, one who resists, and one who forgets… Three young women will learn their world takes more than it gives, and just what price they're willing to pay for their desires.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PRINCE OF MISERY soundtrack.

Is this my best book soundtrack ever? It's hard to say. I have a gift, you see.

"My Throat Is an Open Grave" - Demon Hunter
"Etude, Op. 25, No. 11 Winter Wind" - Fredric Chopin
"Demon" - London After Midnight
"Danse Macabre, Op. 40" - Camille Saint-Saëns
"Wormwood" - Callisto
"Butterflies and Hurricanes" - Muse
"Haunted" - Evanescence
"Darkest Days" - Stabbing Westward
"Here She Comes" - Slowdive
"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" - Ramones
"I Wanna Be Adored" - The Stone Roses
"In the Night" - Cranes
"Nuages Gris (Gray Clouds), S. 199" - Franz Liszt
"Persephone" - Cocteau Twins
"Under the Milky Way" - The Church
"Sinful Nature" - Bear in Heaven
"Doubt" - Bella Morte
"All Is Full of Love" - Björk
"Stabat Mater In F Minor: Introduction" - Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Honorable Mentions:
"Love Interruption" - Jack White
"Love Is A Murder" - The Constellations

Thank you, Karly, for these suggestions! Obviously now I should hire you as a consultant in all my future book soundtracks.

Book links:

Smashwords (Smashwords appears to be doing wonky things to my table of contents. WHY??? I worked so hard on it!!!)

Monday, November 2, 2015

PRINCE OF MISERY now available for purchase!

What's this? I've written yet ANOTHER vampire book?

Yes, it's true. PRINCE OF MISERY is my third vampire book (although probably my last for a while).


For now the book is only available on Amazon, but it won't be long before I upload it to Smashwords (where it will be available in multiple formats) as well.

Wait, what's it about? I shall tell you!

Vampire prince Theron Vansauvage has spent years in isolation, a prisoner of his own vanity. With the help of his trusted friend Seth, he subsists on the blood of enslaved humans. His world is staid and cold, unchanging as the darkness that mires him.

Then a young woman named Iris is brought to him, and Theron’s world begins to alter. Fascinated by her vitiligo, he intends to use Iris for his own amusement rather than kill her.

But Iris is not a girl easily bested, and Seth is not as loyal as he seems. Driven by obsessive desires, Theron will stop at nothing to get what he deserves.

Even if it means sacrificing all he holds dear.

Gasp! I'm dying from anticipation already!


Add PRINCE OF MISERY on Goodreads!

Review copies are always available upon request. Happy reading!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cover Reveal: SOULS OF SALT AND SEAWATER by Apollo Blake

She rises up and crests the surface to catch a glimpse of the ship growing closer and closer just ahead. Above her the storm is grey and violent and rolling across itself to swallow its own body again and again, the clouds dying so they can be born from their own corpses.

The storm is here.

This will be the site of their sinking, she decides.

Alice: the prodigal daughter of a powerful councilman. Raised in Nobla, on the continent Brayya, Alice has always been surrounded by politics and privilege. Now she’s leaving it all behind to sail across the Ospian Sea to Nesnor, the City of Spirals. Alice expects to enter a world of ice and enchantment, where Magi—powerful individuals with elemental powers—perform for coin, and Sky Splitters—elemental dragons tamed for riding and protection—claim the skies. Instead she finds herself alone among a crew of dangerous sailors—who may or may not plan to sacrifice her to the goddess of the sea…

Joram: a sailor from the continent of Oskea, desperate to prove himself to his captain and the crew who ridicule him. When his ship sails into the Evergulf—the most dangerous waters in the world, full of vindictive Sirens and ancient Magi traps—Joram finds himself the only one on the ship immune to the Siren’s song. As the dark waves thrash and Sky Splitters spew fire overhead, Joram must rise up and save his crewmates from certain death. If he fails, it will cost him his life…

Rayna: a Drovavian girl who wants nothing more than to inherit her father’s fishing vessel and sail across the Iostian Ocean in search of adventure. Instead she’s been chosen to take a position on the Oslo village guard, protecting her people from Northern invaders. When a travelling show of curiosities arrives in her village with a caged Siren in tow, Rayna takes it into her own hands to rescue the Siren from the magical menagerie—even if it means betraying her village and her own heart…

Souls of Salt & Seawater is an enticing first glimpse at the world of Josmea, where Magi and Sky Splitters rule, and Sirens sing beneath the waves. Pitched as ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ this dark young adult collection will leave you lost in the depths of the darkest seas long after you’ve turned the final page.