Sunday, June 29, 2014

Author Interview ... of ME!

So, I was recently interviewed by the lovely Nenia Campbell, indie author and reviewer extraordinaire.

I think I'm bad at interviews. Like this one time I interviewed at Starbucks and I literally answered a question with "I don't know." While shrugging and grinning sheepishly, of course. But somehow they still called me back for a second interview. They must have been desperate for workers.

ANYWAY, even though I'm really weird about answering questions, you should still check my super amazing interview out. You can read it and other awesome interviews (and reviews) on Nenia's blog, The Armchair Librarian.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dreams for the Dead soundtrack.

Yeah, I call them soundtracks instead of playlists. My books are movies in my head. This one is pretty awesome.

"Waiting for the Sun" - Powderfinger
"Black Metallic" - Catherine Wheel
"The Horror" - RJD2
"The Oscillator" - Thievery Corporation
"Painted On My Heart" - The Cult
"Voodoo Games" - Daughter Darling
"Everloving" - Moby
"Tongue Tied" - My Vitriol
"Over" - Portishead
"Queen of the Damned" - Theatre des Vampires
"Rush" - People In Planes
"Temptation" - VAST
"Anything" - Black Lab
"Sanctified" - Nine Inch Nails
"Velvet" - The Big Pink
"My My My" - The Priests
"Wind the Clock Slowly" - The Wipers
"Adoration" - The Cranes
"Alsatian" - White Rose Movement

Book links:
Barnes & Noble

Dreams for the Dead is free on B&N and Smashwords right now. If you have a kindle, the .mobi format is available on Smashwords.

Happy reading!