Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Current projects

Hello! I thought I'd do a post about my current WIPs since I haven't said anything about them. I'm actually working on two at once, which I never do, because then I would never finish anything. But only one of them is novel-length, so I figured I could pull it off. And if I tell people about them, I really have to finish.

First, I'm writing a romance novel with a mermaid heroine. She can shift to have legs, which is convenient as most of the story takes place on land. She's a princess who has to marry a human prince in order to secure an alliance between their two realms, but everyone has a hidden agenda... And, of course, the two leads don't expect to fall in love, but they clearly don't know they're in a romance novel.

I haven't read any mermaid books that I truly enjoyed, so I decided to write the one I want. And the one I want turned out to have a sharp-toothed mermaid suffering from possible depression who desires her aloof prince husband even though she's supposed to kill him. You know, the usual things.


Second, I'm working on a prequel to Dreams for the Dead. It doesn't have a title yet, but it will tell Branek's back story. I've been thinking about this ever since my friend Nenia asked for (well, demanded) it, and today I got a burst of inspiration. I just have to make sure I write Branek as the sadistic asshole he is while still making him somewhat likeable.

Whatever happens, he's hot.

Back to writing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


FINALLY. Amazon pulled a fast one on me and now the time to go live is longer than 10 hours—up to 72 hours they say! I should have listened to my instinct and made this available for pre-order. Oh well. As it went live at 10:41 p.m., technically this was still a Valentine's Day release!

I really love the soundtrack I made for this book. Basically all the songs make me feel like a girl in an indie music video. When listening to these songs, suddenly everything you do becomes super cool and film-worthy.

Bonus song: "Defeatist" by Cameras, which is not on Spotify. You can listen to it (and watch the weird but interesting video) on Youtube though. And thanks to Karly for "I Found" by Amber Run! <3

Happy reading! (And listening.)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

GIRLS LIKE YOU Cover + Release Date

She wore her heart on her sleeve…

Eighteen-year-old Allison has never had to worry about anything in her easy, privileged life. But when an ordinary summer night spirals out of control, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She finds herself hiding out with the two men who saved her life and wants only to forget the pain of her recent past.

He had dangerous secrets…

Allison is everything Fox has always despised—rich, shallow, pretty—and yet he finds himself reluctantly drawn to her bright personality. Their growing attraction is powerful, but a normal relationship isn’t an option. There are people who want Allison dead, and Fox isn’t telling her the truth about why he saved her.

Together, they face a perilously uncertain future, and their love might not be enough to save them…

I had a lot of fun writing about Fox and Allison (and Hugh too). This story was inspired by some casino gossip I heard from my mom when I was a teenager. Allegedly, a janitor found thirty thousand dollars in a bathroom. However, my mom doesn't even remember telling me this so I have no idea what actually happened or if I just made it up. Anyway, although this story has undergone quite the transformation since then (can you believe it was originally going to have vampires? Oh wait, you probably can), certain things remained the same: Hugh's contentiousness, Allison being a shallow rich girl, and Fox's red hair.
I plan to release this on Valentine's Day (because that's adorable and I'm a nerd).

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