Dead Heart  (Dreams for the Dead #0.5)
Dreams for the Dead (Dreams for the Dead #1)



“I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

When his father turns him into a vampire, Branek eagerly embraces a life of blood and shadows. From kidnapping the object of his obsession to recognizing the arousing beauty of a fresh corpse, he delights in depravity.

But there's one thing more important to Branek than a life of glorious sin: his family. Though he lives without morals, he won't tolerate threats to his brothers and sister. He'll do anything to protect them... especially if it means leaving a trail of bodies along the way.


Dawn Larkin never expects that an ordinary night out at a bar with her best friend will end in a kidnapping. A man steals Leila away right before her eyes, and Dawn is powerless to stop him.

Though Dawn returns home that night unscathed, it isn’t long before the people who took Leila come back for her. In a house of strange, evil occupants, she becomes the captive of a mysterious man named Tristan. He’s dangerous, and he isn’t just a man—he’s a vampire.

After each day spent with him, Dawn finds her heart in an ever more precarious position. With constant threats from his wicked vampire family, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure her safety … and her sanity. Soon Dawn realizes that even if she escapes, she will never be free…

An ordinary girl with a forgotten history.

A man who followed her through lifetimes.

A jealous enemy who wouldn't stop until she was dead.

Though the world is ever shifting, some things remain



Nineteen-year-old Asha lives in a city put under quarantine after hundreds of vampires inexplicably infiltrated it one year ago. Now they rule the city at night and it isn't safe for humans to be out after dark. But one night at a club Asha's life is changed forever when she meets the mysterious vampire Rade and finds herself drawn into a darker world than she ever knew existed.

Then Asha's brother is kidnapped and there is no one to help her find him except the vampire Rade. Both compelled and disgusted by him, Asha must learn to survive in a city of vampires. Only her quest for her brother and her love for Les, her brother's best friend, will keep her from surrendering to darkness.



Vampire prince Theron Vansauvage has spent years in isolation, a prisoner of his own vanity. With the help of his trusted friend Seth, he subsists on the blood of enslaved humans. His world is staid and cold, unchanging as the darkness that mires him.

Then a young woman named Iris is brought to him, and Theron’s world begins to alter. Fascinated by her vitiligo, he intends to use Iris for his own amusement rather than kill her.

But Iris is not a girl easily bested, and Seth is not as loyal as he seems. Driven by obsessive desires, Theron will stop at nothing to get what he deserves.

Even if it means sacrificing all he holds dear.

Note: This book was originally published in a 2006 paperback edition. The updated ebook version is NOT the same book. The ebook has been extensively rewritten and it's A LOT better (and cheaper).



Sixteen-year-old Marlo has suffered an abusive home life for years. She longs to leave, but in a world ravaged by drought and pollution, she has nowhere to go.


Then she meets an enigmatic man who will lead her on a journey far beyond her wildest dreams. The world is merciless, but Marlo is determined to find happiness in whatever way she can. Nothing will stop her from realizing her desires… not even death.

One who bleeds, one who resists, and one who forgets… Three young women will learn their world takes more than it gives, and just what price they're willing to pay for their desires.


She wore her heart on her sleeve...

Eighteen-year-old Allison has never had to worry about anything in her easy, privileged life. But when an ordinary summer night spirals out of control, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She finds herself hiding out with the two men who saved her life and wants only to forget the pain of her recent past.

He had dangerous secrets...

Allison is everything Fox has always despised—rich, shallow, pretty—and yet he finds himself reluctantly drawn to her bright personality. Their growing attraction is powerful, but a normal relationship isn't an option. There are people who want Allison dead, and Fox isn't telling her the truth about why he saved her.

Together, they face a perilously uncertain future, and their live might not be enough to save them...


She was mer, one of the ghastly creatures that lurked beneath the waves. He was human, brilliant as the sun. Forced into an unwanted marriage, they never expected to find passion in each other's arms.

Isolde knows she must murder her new husband to fulfill her father's hunger for revenge. She has every intention of doing so, even if her husband is painfully beautiful. Even if he's the only one who ever made her feel something approaching happiness.

Nishad knows never to trust a mer, but he is arrogant enough to believe his docile wife incapable of betrayal. He allows himself to succumb to forbidden desire with her, never suspecting that any moment could be his last.

With illusions shattered and long-held secrets laid bare, the unlikely lovers struggle with truth as tensions rise between their realms. Their fragile bond will never survive unless they come to see that love is more important than duty, and that magic can happen when sea meets sky.

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