Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mini-review by Text Message

A friend of mine finished my book recently. He isn't a reviewer, but he sent me a "mini-review" over text message because he's nice like that. And I decided to share it here because while he liked the book, he was able to offer some criticism as well.

"Overall the story is creative and interesting. It's well written. If I am going to nitpick there are a couple of times where specific words feel shoved into the writing, like dourly, paid heed, or pontificate. Not that most people don't understand those words, they just feel awkward in the otherwise natural flow of the writing. That's all personal taste though, I guess. Storywise . . . <<<SPOILER>>> The part where they think they can only be reincarnated a third time is smart for the story. I wanted more of it. I would have liked it if that was introduced earlier in maybe a more gradual way. It's key for the feeling that there is something at stake. By the time you are going through the second flashback it's kind of like, okay she can just be reincarnated again. <<<END SPOILER>>> I don't know how you could do that but it was something I thought while I was reading it. I am very mixed on whether you need the epilogue as well. I apply that to all books though. Overall, a very good and creative story. You should be proud."

Thanks, friend!

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