Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review of Unchanged

I'm pleased to announce that Unchanged has finally gotten its first proper review (i.e. not just a star rating or a review by someone I know). You can see it on Goodreads here.

"Rating Clarification: 3 / 5

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Hmm. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to review and rate Unchanged. Compared to a lot of YA PNR Kindle freebies I’ve been reading, Unchanged is probably one of the better of the batch. Still, I didn’t love it, although I would say I still enjoyed the writing…

Unchanged revolves around two lovers – one immortal, one that keeps on dying but reincarnating every one hundred years. Similar to Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn,Unchanged has that theme that love is immortal, and cannot be stopped even through death. Although there was a definite attraction and liking between Ahaziel and Lilly, I suppose I couldn’t see their “true love”. To me, there was instant attraction, and although it didn’t bother me as it usually does, this factor probably downplayed the “love factor” for me.

Lilly, however, was a great heroine! She was definitely flawed, but also a strong and relatable character. After all, there are always times when teenagers feel less-than-perfect. Although, as I mentioned before, there is insta-love, she didn’t immediately fall into Ahaziel’s arms – instead, she was cautious and was careful in weighing her options. She was also a fighter, although not to reckless or too generous to be unrealistic. Overall, she was a smart, realistic, and likable heroine!

The side characters, however, felt a little underdeveloped for me. They seemed one-sided, and not too interesting. Part of this is because a certain portion of the book is dedicated to exploring past lives, but this still bothered me. Moreover, I felt that the final battle passed too quickly – I suppose I was looking for more of a struggle? I have to admit that Lilly’s strategy and solution to the problem was smart though – I was definitely impressed with that.

Overall, Unchanged is a pretty interesting contribution to the YA PNR genre. I also happened to get it as a Kindle Freebie, so as a free weekend read (and contribution to my challenge!), I would say I got a pretty good deal. I would recommend this book to those who are in need of a short and satisfying romance, or are interested in the idea of reincarnation."

Thank you, Rachael Woohoo!

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