Saturday, July 27, 2013


Unchanged is now available on Smashwords! It's still $0.99, too! There are more formats to choose from (I haven't previewed them all yet, but the .mobi looks good).

I am also preparing A Dark-Adapted Eye for publication. Here is a brief description of it:

Nineteen-year-old Asha lives in Las Secas, a fictional southwestern city put under quarantine after hundreds of vampires inexplicably infiltrated it one year ago. Now they rule the city at night and it isn't safe for humans to be out after dark. But one night at a club Asha's life is changed forever when she meets the mysterious vampire Rade, who bit her when she was a child. Suddenly she finds herself drawn into a darker world than she ever knew existed.

Then Asha's brother is kidnapped and there is no one to help her find him except the vampire Rade. Both compelled and disgusted by him, Asha soon learns of the chilling prophecy that brought vampires to Las Secas. She must figure out how to stay alive and how to save her brother before the night of the lunar eclipse, when the prophecy will reach fulfillment. Only Asha's quest for her brother and her love for Les, her brother's best friend, keep her from surrendering to darkness.

Exciting, right? Thanks for reading!

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