Thursday, February 23, 2012

Queries and Books

Originally I was going to put my book on Kindle, and I still may, depending on how I feel if the twelve queries I've sent out all come back as rejections (so far only two have). I realize I may have to send out a lot more to get my book published, but between a slow internet connection and a sick child it was all I could manage. I have good feelings about a couple of them, but we'll see.

So, thanks to some tax money, I have some pretty cool books coming in the mail:

(Vampires. I'm excited.)

(I've already read this, but the price was really good. The book is too.)

(I don't know much about this one, but the premise sounded
interesting and the price was good.)

(The reason I wanted this one was the title. It reminds me
of a short-ish story I tried to write once. I know nothing
about the contents.)

And these ones are in transit for me at the library: 

(Yay for Melina Marchetta! Love her.)

(Sort of yay for Carol Goodman. I just can't stop
reading her even though I haven't loved the last
few books of hers.)

So the books are sort of old news, but it took my library forever to get The Piper's Son. And I put off reading The Demon Lover for some reason. Anyway, I'm excited to have books to actually add to my shelves instead of having to return them to the library.

I don't have a paying job, so today I'm just going to take care of my sick baby. Maybe I'll write some tonight. Oh, and I'll be obsessively checking my inbox for replies from agents, of course.

Right now it's breakfast/coffee time. Yay!

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