Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slow and [Un]steady

It's easy to forget how much mental energy writing requires, especially when I go into a new or unfinished project with fancy, fresh ideas. Sometimes those ideas will drain from me so fast that every word is a struggle to write. I'll feel so triumphant at those few words, or so frustrated, and I'll take frequent Spider Solitaire breaks as a reward. (Or I'll come here and write dismal posts like this and this.) I'll feel so empty and stunted, unable to concentrate on my story yet unwilling to divert my attention into anything else either. I'll go through phases where I think my story is so ridiculous and and phases where it's the most brilliant thing ever written. But when I leave MS Word alone and come back days later, and manage to churn out a sentence here and there, I feel like maybe I really will finish this thing. Even if it takes a very long while. I've already written two books, and they were both hard work. So what's a third?

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