Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yes, I do still post to this blog, thanks for asking!

Well, it's basically been forever since I posted on here. I've been working on my next book, Prince of Misery. It's a rewrite, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I originally published it in 2006 with a vanity publisher, and it's horrendously bad. Like, so bad I don't even like to admit it exists (except for right now). Hopefully when I publish it as an ebook it'll actually be good.

Prince of Misery is about an omniscient vampire prince who has spent years locked in his castle because he's really vain. He has only his friend/valet Seth (also a vampire) for company, another vampire, and a whole bunch of kidnapped humans. Then one day a human named Iris gets kidnapped and brought to the castle, and everything starts to change.

It's sort of horror, sort of romance, and I'm trying to incorporate a few sci-fi elements as well. Just to make it interesting, and because I can. Here's an excerpt:

It was only moments before Seth appeared. 
“They’re leaving, I presume.” 
“Not yet. We’re having a masque,” I told him in the brightest tone I’d ever used. 
His brows dropped low and he stared at me for a moment, stunned. “A masque?” he repeated. “After … all this time?” 
“It hasn’t really been so long, has it? I’m afraid I’ve lost count of the years.” 
He turned bitter in an instant. “Well, I haven’t.” 
“Don’t bore me with your discontent,” I snapped. “Do you think I don’t know how many times you’ve contemplated throwing yourself off a cliff into your precious inlet? Is death so preferable to your current existence?” 
He shrugged a shoulder, his long face solemn in the firelight and shadows. 
“If anything, this event should relieve your malaise.” 
“Why are you doing this?” he asked. “I thought you’d have sent them home by now. Are you interested in power all of a sudden? An alliance?” 
“Are you?” I countered. “You seemed so eager to have them here. I thought it was freedom you desired.” 
His jaw tensed. “I desire nothing.” 
I laughed. “I know that’s not true. I know everything, Seth.” 
“Not everything, surely,” he said, barely able to disguise the fury simmering in him. 
“Yes, everything. And I know why you desire freedom. I can send you on an errand anywhere in the world, letting you taste what it’s like out there, and you will always come back. You have no choice. The magic tethers you, and you will die if you fail to yield to it.” 
A slow blink. He tried to appear dead nonchalant. “You do know everything, Theron.”

I'm not sure it's even good at this point, but I feel pretty optimistic. If only I can get the final (and hardest) part written, I can start editing this bad boy.

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