Friday, August 28, 2015

Cover Reveal: SOULS OF SALT AND SEAWATER by Apollo Blake

She rises up and crests the surface to catch a glimpse of the ship growing closer and closer just ahead. Above her the storm is grey and violent and rolling across itself to swallow its own body again and again, the clouds dying so they can be born from their own corpses.

The storm is here.

This will be the site of their sinking, she decides.

Alice: the prodigal daughter of a powerful councilman. Raised in Nobla, on the continent Brayya, Alice has always been surrounded by politics and privilege. Now she’s leaving it all behind to sail across the Ospian Sea to Nesnor, the City of Spirals. Alice expects to enter a world of ice and enchantment, where Magi—powerful individuals with elemental powers—perform for coin, and Sky Splitters—elemental dragons tamed for riding and protection—claim the skies. Instead she finds herself alone among a crew of dangerous sailors—who may or may not plan to sacrifice her to the goddess of the sea…

Joram: a sailor from the continent of Oskea, desperate to prove himself to his captain and the crew who ridicule him. When his ship sails into the Evergulf—the most dangerous waters in the world, full of vindictive Sirens and ancient Magi traps—Joram finds himself the only one on the ship immune to the Siren’s song. As the dark waves thrash and Sky Splitters spew fire overhead, Joram must rise up and save his crewmates from certain death. If he fails, it will cost him his life…

Rayna: a Drovavian girl who wants nothing more than to inherit her father’s fishing vessel and sail across the Iostian Ocean in search of adventure. Instead she’s been chosen to take a position on the Oslo village guard, protecting her people from Northern invaders. When a travelling show of curiosities arrives in her village with a caged Siren in tow, Rayna takes it into her own hands to rescue the Siren from the magical menagerie—even if it means betraying her village and her own heart…

Souls of Salt & Seawater is an enticing first glimpse at the world of Josmea, where Magi and Sky Splitters rule, and Sirens sing beneath the waves. Pitched as ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ this dark young adult collection will leave you lost in the depths of the darkest seas long after you’ve turned the final page.


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