Saturday, March 19, 2016

Homework! AGUH!

I was lucky enough to have some trusted friends beta for my current WIP, Psychopomp. It's mostly finished, but I'm working on incorporating the feedback before I do a final round (or two) of editing. So basically I'm doing homework.

Which brings me to this poem I wrote I don't know when. I'd have forgotten all about it if my dad hadn't compiled a binder of my old drawings, stories, awards, report cards, etc. I came across it the other day while using the binder's contents to distract my kids for a bit. As you may have guessed, the poem is called "Homework! AGUH!"

Homework! AGUH!
I hate it! It stinks!
I can't wash it down the sinks.
I can't explode it to bits.
I wish my dog would chew it up.
It's giving me fits!
Mom, Please, can I finish it later?
No! You can't! Now hop to it!
Bla, Bla, Bla!
Finish it now!
But I don't now how!
Homework! AGUH!

Here's a picture (albeit one of crap quality) so you can see the glorious accompanying drawings.

Despite my dubious spelling of "ugh" or "aaagghhhh" or whatever the hell I was trying to spell, and the fact that I don't even think I had a dog at the time of writing, obviously I could have had an illustrious career as a poet. Besides this, I've also penned the phenomenal "The Hot Superstar Who Sang Slow Songs" and a limerick about a girl who falls off a horse. I'm telling you, I'm a literary genius.

Anyway, now I'll stop distracting myself with any old excuse for a blog post and get back to my homework. Which I don't hate! I've come so far.

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