Saturday, January 16, 2016

This is what comes after vampires...

I've written three vampire books, but it's time to put a hold on them. For now. Because obviously I would never abandon my beloved creatures of the night.

My latest book turned out to be a novella, despite my efforts to make it a full-length novel. It's different from anything I've written so far, and I don't really know who would enjoy it except weirdos like me. Because I write what I want and simply hope people will like what I put out there. The romance is minimal and the bleakness is fierce in this one.

I'm hoping to work on the cover this weekend and maybe get a beta reader or two. In the meantime, here is the super epic synopsis (which I just whipped up like fifteen minutes ago) for Psychopomp: A Novella:


Sixteen-year-old Marlo has suffered an abusive home life for years. She longs to leave, but in a world ravaged by drought and pollution, she has nowhere to go.


Then she meets an enigmatic man who will lead her on a journey far beyond her wildest dreams. The world is merciless, but Marlo is determined to find happiness in whatever way she can. Nothing will stop her from realizing her desires… not even death.

One who bleeds, one who resists, and one who forgets… Three young women will learn their world takes more than it gives, and just what price they're willing to pay for their desires.

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