Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Unlike my husband, I love traveling by plane. I love going to the airport, dropping my bag at curbside check-in, and passing about a million Hudson News stores until I find my gate. Of course, since I normally fly in the morning, I have to stop by Cinnabon and whatever coffee shop is available (Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) to get my breakfast. Cinnabon, more than anything, makes flying so worthwhile, even though you can get it at the mall, too.

My airport is somewhat different from other airports, in my experience. For one, it's practically a mall in its own right. There are tons of [expensive] stores and food places, multiplied throughout the terminals. And there are slot machines everywhere. Seriously, in every terminal. You can go to the airport to gamble even if you're not flying anywhere (I'm not sure what security would have to say about that, however).

Anyway, tomorrow I'm flying with my mom, son, and brother to go visit my grandma in Texas. The low point of this trip, I'm sure, will be trying to keep my son occupied during the flight, because he's young enough that he still sits on my lap the whole time but old enough to want to run around and do stuff. And annoy the person sitting next to me, I'm sure. We'll be gone almost a week, doing all the fun things my grandma has planned. And eating tons of junk food, of course. I can't wait!

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