Monday, June 18, 2012


Fuseli, The Nightmare

I really have to stop reading certain books before bed. I'm not prone to nightmares, and the book I'm currently reading isn't even scary, so it must be pregnancy hormones or something. I dreamed a mystery sort of dream, complete with a house where there might be something incriminating under the floorboards, and a creepy pale-haired old woman who lived in the basement. Okay, so that doesn't sound exactly nightmarish, but you know how things seem different in the middle of the night. Later, I dreamed of my book in print, but there was a major typo. Noooooooooo!!!!! Ahem. I'm rather glad I'm getting my dreams back though, because for a while they were GONE. That was upsetting, since my dreams have always been a major source of inspiration for me, both in art and writing.

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