Monday, November 2, 2015

PRINCE OF MISERY now available for purchase!

What's this? I've written yet ANOTHER vampire book?

Yes, it's true. PRINCE OF MISERY is my third vampire book (although probably my last for a while).


For now the book is only available on Amazon, but it won't be long before I upload it to Smashwords (where it will be available in multiple formats) as well.

Wait, what's it about? I shall tell you!

Vampire prince Theron Vansauvage has spent years in isolation, a prisoner of his own vanity. With the help of his trusted friend Seth, he subsists on the blood of enslaved humans. His world is staid and cold, unchanging as the darkness that mires him.

Then a young woman named Iris is brought to him, and Theron’s world begins to alter. Fascinated by her vitiligo, he intends to use Iris for his own amusement rather than kill her.

But Iris is not a girl easily bested, and Seth is not as loyal as he seems. Driven by obsessive desires, Theron will stop at nothing to get what he deserves.

Even if it means sacrificing all he holds dear.

Gasp! I'm dying from anticipation already!


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Review copies are always available upon request. Happy reading!

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